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Enter for a chance to be one of the 20 lucky winners of our Post Birthday Giveaway! Winners will get one of Madam Golddigger Gold bundles valued at $1,580 in total prizes.
How can you enter to win?
This giveaway is only open to the group members of Juvy’s Gold Jewellery Group. You can join here –
This is a point system giveaway.
You will earn;
1 point each – Like our Facebook Pages
Juvys Gold Jewellery
Madam Gold Digger
1 point – Follow our Instagram
1 point – Subcribe our Youtube Channel
Madam Gold Digger
Extra Bonus Points
2  Points – When you share this Give-away to your family & friends. Your post must be public so we can see it.
5 points – When they buy from us as a new customer.
Referral Code is accessible on your Juvy’s Gold Jewellery website account.
You Must Log-in to access.
1st Prize – Love Bangle
2nd, 3rd, 4th Prize – VCA Pendant
5th & 6th Prize – Ultrasonic Jewellery Cleaner
Consolation Prizes
Jewelry Organizers, Ring Sizer, Bracelet Sizer & Jewellery Polish Cloth.
Contest Starts Sept 26, 2022 – Nov 26, 2022.
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