Madam Golddigger and her little band of Golddiggers!

Who we are

Juvy’s Gold Jewellery Shop was incorporated in August of 2020 in Beautiful British Columbia, Canada. We have two trade names; The Golddigger and Madam Golddigger (dba).

We are a small independent family business.


Our products are Newly Manufactured from designers in Saudi, Dubia, the Philippines and Japan. 

Gold Content and Quality

Newly manufactured means your 18k gold content is guaranteed.  Yellow gold is the most popular yet we have white, rose gold and combination pieces.  Our suppliers use the newest technology allowing for new very finely detailed hollow designs. You will find bigger items, lighter in weight yet still, pure 18k designs, never before possible.


Our prices vary based on purity, craftmanship and the spot price of gold when the jewellery was produced.  We price each supply by weight per gram, they way bought it, whole sale style.


Connecting beautiful people with quality and affordable Jewellery is a great experience for us. Often we get to be part of a very special time in peoples lives and it is a fun, memorable experience. We are committed to keeping that experience pure and guarantee our products.