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Yes, were the real deal. We are an Incorporation registered in British Columbia, Canada.
As an incorporation we are required to report sales, pay our taxes on profits and income. We are accountable and safe.

Our Facebook page Juvy’s Gold Jewellery Shop Ltd.


Our office is in Terrace, British Columbia, Canada.

No. we are online only through our live sales, private messaging and of course our website www.thegolddigger.ca

We are open at 10AM to 5PM PST (Pacific Standard Time) locally here and have customer service available after hours.

Send your inquiries through our social media platform our facebook page or the chat box in our website.


Pre-order of items can be made possible through Joelyn Romano’s Facebook account for assistance, https://www.facebook.com/pakaymae18 .

All our sizes are measured in US sizes for rings.
Here is a quick tutorial from Sears, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cp4_PxTysFQ

We specify inches or cm on our products. Here is a quick tutorial from The O’Neil Sisters, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hXvikEr7DTc
(Credits to the owner of the materials and we do not own any rights on these videos.)


All of our products are 18k in purity or better.

• 24K is 99.99% pure gold.
• 21K is 87.5% pure gold
• 18K is 75% gold

Pure gold is very soft and while beautiful it is too fragile for daily use.

• Yellow Gold is made by mixing pure gold with silver, copper, and zinc.
• White Gold is made through a mix of gold and platinum, or palladium, or nickel or zinc;
• Rose Gold (or pink gold) is alloyed with gold, copper, and silver.

A favorite! Simply means an “Empty Space” inside. This is done to reduce the amount of gold to be used in making the jewelry, making it affordable and bigger while still being pure so you can measure your value.


Starting at $77.99 per gram for most 18k items.
In certain cases, it is priced per item.

Items with Enamel, Cubic Zirconia or any semi precious stones are still priced per gram.

We test! Using an non destructive current test. Videos are posted on our facebook page.

No, never coated or plated as you can not separate the gold quantity and measure diffidently the value of your investment.

We use 2 methods to confirm the accuracy of our non destructive current testing. We always calibrate to confirm the accuracy when we test new shipments. We have not observed an inaccurate reading when the equipment is used properly.

Sometimes for solid plated jewellery but not for hollow light weight. Other metals are used in yellow gold which react to magnetic fields. If we have a light weight hollow items you will notice a movement, sometime away as copper repels even though it is 18k. We use magnets to test from time to time but not for testing purity.

We do not offer this service at this time.


Our items are shipped through Canada Post.

We ship worldwide, mainly in North America, Europe and Australia.

• $15 CAD flat rate shipping for most Canadian Provinces.
• Ontario and USA, it’s $18CAD.
• Outside Canada is to be determined.

At least 3-5 Business Days excluding unprecedented circumstances with the courier process.

Yes. You will receive it by email or messenger.

This can be optional but highly recommended. Insurance is charged at $2.20/$100.
Who’s responsibility is it when a package is lost?
• From our facility to Canada Post it is our responsibility.
• From Canada Post to your door it is the shippers responsibility (insurable)
• Once the items are delivered to your mailbox, it is your responsibility.  

Yes, especially if you are from the neighboring cities/towns. Kindly inform us ahead to have your items ready for pick-up. Do not arrive without an appointment, you will not be able to get into see us. We do not have a retail location open to visitors.


• On our website (invoices) we accept credit and debit cards. 
• In Canada etransfer to payments@thegolddigger.ca
• Paypal Account, dylandad@msn.com

No. All items must be fully paid before shipped.

Yes, with additional fees.


Yes, we guarantee our products are free from defects when we ship them until the time you use them.

Please photograph it and check your item. We ship in boxes inside the packaging to ensure the item is not damaged. Damages are very rare.

We make sure that all items are in good condition before we ship and photograph each shipment but if it does happen that is very sad and we know that sadness, WE WILL NOT ABANDON YOU. If we missed it, and shipped a bunk product, that is our fault and we will make it right or better.

Contact us and we will email a shipping label.
*** It is very important to use the jewellery box to return the items or they will be damaged during shipping on the return. ***
What if I just want to return it and changed my mind.
It is fair that we take back items but not after it is worn as we must clean and return it to a new state. If your circumstance is difficult, please reach out to us. Fair treatment between friends is our policy.
Any loss after the item is received and damages that arise with personal use will be at your expense.
Any purchase especially when items are received are deemed as Final Sale.

Yes, our items are insured when shipped for $100. We recommend doing an unboxing video to help us with the claim with our shipping partners. Additional insurance is available at the time of purchase.

Discount up to 30% for your first purchase.

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